Members Only Trial

April 14, 2018

Postponed - new date TBD

Everyone has probably heard by now that the arena that we use in Millarville for all our trials including this one lost its roof on Monday March 19th. The staff at Millarville have confirmed that no one was injured and the building is a complete loss. They say they will rebuild and hope to do it quickly. 


The RMAC Board of Directors along with the help of members and our agility friends, have spent the last few days trying to find a new location for this trial. With the very limited time frame (3 weeks), we have determined that it is in everyone’s best interest that we postpone this event. We are disappointed but will let you know when we find a new date (likely outdoors) with Gail Thompson judging.


Thank you for your support,

Rocky Mountain Agility Club Board of Directors

Judge: Gail Thompson

Events: Gamble (SAM), Standard (SAM), and Jumpers (SAM)

Fall Trial

September 29-30, 2018

Indoors at Okotoks Agricultural Society

Trial Opens for Entry: August 13, 2018

Trial Closes for Entry: September 14, 2018

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Christine Woodley (Masters & Steeplechase)

Stewart MacKenzie (Starters & Advanced)

Events: 1 Gamble (SAM), 2 Jumpers (SAM),

            2 Standard (SAM), 1 Snooker (SAM),

            2 Steeplechase