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Event Catalogue

It's Ready!!!

You can download and print your very own version of our full catalogue below.  Take a look, and hold on to this moment of the first Rocky Mountain Regionals!


Regionals Merch is still available!

We are doing another special order for those of you who missed out originally, or who just want more, More, MORE!!!

Click the button below for a clothing only order form, and continue that stylish regionals look with our snazzy logo!

Trial Premium and Entry

Entries are closed. Thank you to everyone who entered. It will be a very full, fun and fantastic event.

View your entry through

Downloadable copy of the entry premium is available below!!!

*** Top Steeplechase Dog Competition ***


*** Special Awards ***

We are very pleased to announce the following Special Awards that will be presented at the Rocky Mountain Regionals. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to all the wonderful donors who stepped up and made these awards possible.

Thank you so much!

PLEASE NOTE: some special prizes will require you to sign up to be eligible. Sign-up sheets will be available at the registration tent UNTIL NOON on Saturday

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